Demulsifiers/Emulsion Breakers: Protea WO-series

SystemSeparation Sweden AB has developed a unique range of demulsifiers / emulsion breakers which are used in fuel oil treatment plants (FOTP) at gas turbine power plants.

Manufacturers of Gas Turbines that operate on ash-bearing fuels recommend removal of water-soluble contaminants (Sodium and Potassium) from the fuel by waterwashing. The required limit of Sodium + Potassium in the fuel prior to combustion is Max 0.5 - 1 ppm.

Water soluble salts are removed from fuels by forming an emulsion with water and breaking the emulsion to remove the water solution of salts.  This is carried out in fuel oil treatment plants (FOTP) by combining demineralised water and Protea WO-Series with the fuel to form a homogenous mix of oil and water.  The oil/water mix is passed through a centrifuge where the water and oil phases are separated by centrifugal force.

Other separation methods can also be used such as electrostatic precipitators.


Protea WO-series provides:
- Decreased water separation time
- Cleaner water
- Drier oil
- Lower salt content in the oil phase