Protea Fuel Oil Additives
Gas turbine power plants that utilise crude or heavy fuel oils suffer from combustion-related problems due to the presence of vanadium, salts and other contaminants in the fuel oil. These compounds increase power degradation due to deposit build-ups and risk hot corrosion on turbine blades. Other problems relating to fuel oils include the sedimentation of asphaltenes in storage tanks, filter plugging and the coking of fuel pre-heaters.

The Protea Series from SystemSeparation provides solutions for many problems relating to heavy fuel oils. The excellent performance of these fuel oil additives improves operations in power plants due to fewer problems during handling and combustion. Customers benefit from more efficient power production with enhanced combustion efficiency, increased power output and less wear on vital components, which prolongs the life of the power plant. Environmental aspects also improve due to fewer emissions into the atmosphere.


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