Dispersants/Stabilizers/PPD: Protea R-series

Protea Dispersants & Fuel Stabilizers are designed for use and treatment of crude oils, bunker fuels and fuel oils based heavy residuals.

The products are making the fuels more homogenous by dispersing heavier compounds as asphaltenes, waxes and paraffin which usually are agglomerating and causing sedimentation in tanks and plugging filters.

Operation during combustion will be easier to control with a homogenous fuel. Fuel pre-heaters will be kept cleaner as well as burner nozzles/injector. As a result of this will the combustion of the fuel become more complete due to better atomization which lowers fuel consumption and emissions of CO, soot and unburned carbon. The combustion can be improved further by using a combination with a combustion catalyst (Protea RF-Series).



Untreated HFO in comparison when the same fuel, treated with 100 ppm ®Protea R-40

Product Performance
-Dispersing heavier compounds and provides a homogenous fuel
-Keeps storage tanks, strainers, pipes, pre-heaters, burner nozzles and injectors clean. Less cleaning and maintenance will be required.
-Easier blending of different fuel qualities with less problems due to stratification in storage tanks
-Less sludge formation
-Improves combustion of heavier hydrocarbons such as asphaltenes waxes etc.
-Easy to handle and dose into fuel oils