Service and Support

SystemSeparation also provides associated services and support linked to our Protea fuel treatment. Our concept is to provide our customers with a complete solution to overcome problems relating to heavy fuels and combustion. We have broad experience in power plant operation and performance optimisation. We can proudly offer the following services:

Dosing system
Suitable dosing systems can be provided to give an accurate and optimised performance of the fuel treatment.

The performance of the combustion is measured, tested and evaluated before and after treatment using well-known test methods and instruments.

Inspections can be performed by our technical group which has extensive experience in the treatment of fuel and crude oils for gas turbines and boilers.

Optimising combustion
In combination with our Protea fuel treatment, combustion efficiency can be optimised and fine-tuned with help from our Technical Service Group which has many years of experience in power plant operation.

Laboratory testing and analysis
The analysis of fuel oils, deposits and fly ashes is evaluated to offer the best recommendations in terms of finances and performance.